Up Furniture Outdoor Small Items
Some of the smaller items I have made.

These are the first Pens I have made on my lathe. I was quite please with the results apart from the first one that cracked a little during assembly (top one in pic). The others are 100yr old Red Cedar, Jacaranda (from our tree) and Red Cedar again.
The second batch of Pens I made.  From the top: two from some very old Red Cedar, third is Silky Oak and the last one is Camphor Laurel (also from a tree in our Garden).

Some Picture Frames my wife requested.
The first two are made from old Architrave and the third is from some Moulding I made on my Router Table.


I finally made myself a decent Clock for my workshop.
The 'Plane' ornament is made from Tasmania Oak (body) and Queensland Red Cedar for the Handles.  The clock frame is just Pine.  I was quite happy with the result considering how little time I put in to it.

This is a small desktop or hanging Plaque with a Thermometer in the centre (Duh).  The Plaque and Stand are, again, made from Queensland Red Cedar.  (I love that wood)
Bottle Stopper and Corkscrew with Turned Top - 1.jpg (8917 bytes)
Bottle Stopper and Corkscrew with Turned Top
Made for a Mates Birthday.
The wood is Qld Red Cedar from Gympie
and came from a set of stairs in an old
Pub that were pulled out.  We believe the stairs
were well over 100 years old!!  Very nice wood.
Wall Shelf.jpg (9593 bytes)
Small Wall Shelf made by request from SWMBO
who free-hand drew the curves for bracket!
Shelf for Jacobs CD Player.jpg (25799 bytes)
Shelf for my Sons CD Player.
My Wife's now into Shabby Chic so lots
of things are getting painted white.

Note: She's not allowed to touch the really nice
wood stuff especially the Blanket Box!!!

More to come....

Up Furniture Outdoor Small Items