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Furniture I have made or restored.

Over Xmas 2003, SHMBO asked me to make our boys a set of Bunk Beds but they had to be made so that they could be normal single beds until the little one (who's not quite 2) gets some sense (hah - never happen). This is a picture of them in Bunk Bed configuration (the ladder was not attached yet).
If you want more detail of this project, click on the picture or here.
Blanket Box restored.jpg (63787 bytes)
Very Old Hand Dovetailed Blanket Box I restored - Love this piece, beautiful patina.
This was covered in 10 or more layers of paint and the top was missing.  I picked up
some nice matching wood at the recycling yard and (I think) I did a pretty
good job matching it up to the box.
TV Cabinet Top.jpg (19324 bytes)
TV Cabinet made to fit on top of a chest of Drawers
Again, Shabby Chic'ed
ToyBox.jpg (19467 bytes)
Toy Box for my Boys junk... er... valuables!
MatesDesk.jpg (21914 bytes)
This is a Corner Computer Desk I made for a mate
MatesDeskBeforeStain.jpg (37153 bytes)
The desk before the finish was applied

More to come....

Up Furniture Outdoor Small Items