What's a Cyclone Building Ducting Performance
After having two 1hp Bag Dust Collectors (D/C) and finding that, while they are way better than an old house vac for picking up the wood chips/dust, they have downsides.   After you use one for a while, the bags start to clog up and the suction drops of rapidly particularly when sanding.  While you can hit the bag to dislodge the dust that is coating the inside, this raises a dust cloud OUTSIDE the bag.  This means that the bags don't filter the dust worth a bugger.  Also empting the bags is not at all fun and nor is trying to put them back on the D/C.

So, I had a plan for a small Hobby sized Cyclone D/C's from Wood Magazine but thought I would do some research on the net before building it.  I was mainly looking for tips/tricks/traps in building the Wood one but I found that their design was totally wrong.

I found Bill Pentz's site which is the gospel as far as Hobby Cyclones are concerned.   If you want to know all about dust extraction and why you should do something about it, go to his site at: http://billpentz.com
On bill's site you will find the plans that I used to make your own Cyclone Dust Collector (DC) using a 2hp (or better) bag type DC as a base.

I would really like to thank Bill for this help in building my unit.

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